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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application VAPT is security testing methods for security holes or vulnerabilities in web applications and corporate websites. Due to these vulnerabilities, websites are left open for exploitation. Nowadays, companies are moving their most critical business and applications process on the web. There is no denying the fact that today, web apps are considered as vulnerability’s major point in the organizations.

The result of web application holes is theft of plenty of credit cards, paramount reputational and financial damage for a lot of enterprises, and also the compromise of several browsing machines that visited those websites which were attacked by hackers. To avoid a scenario like this, WAPT maintains complete security and that is the major reason why it holds utmost importance for an organization. Web Application Penetration Testing is designed for detecting security vulnerabilities within the web-based apps.

In the times of intense competition, safety and security of your critical and sensitive business data are highly relevant. Unlike the other penetration testings, it also evaluates the risk that is related to a third-party app. Now, this makes it the best option for searching the web-based app’s security vulnerability that has previously been deployed as well as running. Penetration test carried under it is performed by manual and tool-based testing procedure.

Mobile Appliaction Penetration Testing

Needless to say, Mobile apps have become a vital part of our day-to-day life as the dependence of humans on Smartphones has substantially grown. However, plenty of users are still unaware of their devices’ security. Safety can often become the false perception in case we do not have any idea of how our apps were developed as well as penetration testing.

The most beneficial way to avoid any security risk is to opt for Mobile Application VAPT that holds the power of providing us with a definite level of confidence when it comes to security maintenance. According to various studies, more than 80% of mobile application users have the belief that their mobile finance and health apps are perfectly secure. Preliminary aim of conducting the Mobile App penetration test is to recognize all exploitable vulnerabilities in the app or network that can potentially get exploited by the hackers.

Downloading and then using malicious apps can showcase the potential risk to both yourself as well as your company as the untested apps might contain security bugs which can make the data vulnerable. Mobile Application VAPT will uncover several ways and access points in which the malicious hacker can compromise the application or database for gaining unauthorized access to the confidential data.

Network Penetration Testing

Network VAPT is the assessment procedure that is conducted by safety experts on the user’s network for identifying possible vulnerabilities that the attackers might exploit. The primary objective of a network penetration test is to recognize exploitable vulnerabilities in systems, networks, network devices (i.e., switches, routers), and hosts before hackers can discover as well as exploit them.

This form of assessment is the attack simulation that is carried out by the extremely skilled security consultants for -Understanding the risk’s level for the organization
-Helping in addressing and fixing identified network safety flaws
-Identifying security flaws that are present in the environment

IT Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is the procedure conducted by safety experts for finding potential vulnerabilities prone to be exploited by the malicious attacks. As there is always a huge risk by hacking cases and cybercrimes, it is important for carrying out Network VAPT to protect the sensitive data. Depending upon the attack’s intensity, the attacker might gain knowledge of the network or manipulate the data for his/her advantage.

Wireless Penetration Testing

In most of the commercial premises, wireless networks are operational offering immense convenience to the workforce. This ubiquitous network application can be found in and around the premises where the setup is installed. The devices using wireless communication are connected via a local area network to access the internet and share information with each other. Every modern organization utilizes Wi-Fi networking to enjoy more flexibility and convenience.

Warding off freeloaders and cybercriminals is a must approach that is included in the security management of this communication setup. Segmenting network, SSID controls, and VLAN routing should be perfectly clarified and set so that the users can safely connect to the network and access files they are authorized too. Regardless of all the security measures adopted by the IT department, the cyber attackers find a way to leak data or misuse sensitive information. This is where a penetration testing of wireless communication becomes mandatory.